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Long Term Rentals

        No matter where you are traveling to or for however long, Star Rent A Car can provide you with a great selection of rental cars to make driving a memorable part of your trip! Many drivers choose a long term rental over other methods of transportation such as buses, trains, and taxi cabs, because of the added convenience of your own personal car and the high costs associated with significant use of public transportation. Long Term rental from Star Rent A Car will provide you with car that you will have with you at any time and without any costs of maintenance for the car. With the selection of rental cars from Star Rent A Car, you can choose a car similar to your own or try out something completely new. It's totally up to you when you reserve a car rental from Star Rent A Car!

Why Choose Long Term Rentals?
        Reserving a long term rental from Star Rent A Car is a great idea for anyone that desires personal transportation. You save money by not having to pay for individual public transportation methods every time you need to go somewhere, you save time by being able to pick up and go when you want to, and you gain added special memories by being able to explore new places and travel off the traditional beaten path! Consider a long term car rental from Star Rent A Car for any vehicle, for any amount of time, and for any budget! Different agencies have different specials and payment plans for your long term rental, so make sure you discuss your needs with the Star Rent A Car before making your reservation. Here at Star Rent A Car, we strive to make you happy!

The Benefits of a Long Term Rental from Star Rent A Car
        - Not only is a long term rental from Star Rent A Car an economical choice, it also adds value and enjoyment to your daily activities during your stay! A long term rental allows you to:
         - Choose your favorite rental car, whether it be a style you have driven before or something you want to try out for the first time.
        - Get to know the area you are in by traveling at your own pace on your own time.
        - Take advantage of the personal time that you have, whether it be after a long business day or before a busy outing.

Car Features

Airbag Airbag
FM Radio FM Radio
Power Windows Power Windows
Sensor Sensor
Speed Km Speed Km
Steering Wheel Steering Wheel


When should I check the transmission fluid?
You should check the transmission fluid regularly. Try to check it at least once a month or at the sign of any trouble, for instance if there is any hesitation when you shift gears in an automatic.
How do I check the transmission fluid?
It’s not hard to check your transmission fluid if the vehicle is an automatic. This link to the Dummies guide to checking your transmission fluid has step-by-step instructions and illustrations that show you where to locate the dipstick. What you want is clear, pink transmission fluid. If it is low, top it up. If it is dark, smells burnt or has bits in it then you need to get it changed by at a reliable auto repair shop.
Is it really that important to check the transmission fluid?
Yes, it can be. Often times the symptoms you’ll experience from low or dirty transmission fluid will be the same as transmission problems. If you check the fluid levels regularly and refill as necessary then you’ll know if there are any symptoms of trouble that it’s not because the fluid levels are low and you need to see a mechanic.
How do I know I have a fluid leak from the transmission?
Transmission fluid is slightly pink in color – it will appear pink or red, or possibly more brownish if the transmission fluid is dirty and needs to be replaced. When you feel transmission fluid it will be slick and oily on your fingers. It smells much like oil unless it is dirty, in which case it will smell burnt. Usually transmission fluid leaks around the front or middle of your vehicle, so if you find puddles of reddish liquid there it is probably transmission fluid. Another clue is if in addition to the leak your transmission is not working well and you notice changes in the way it sounds when you shift gears, or if shifting gears is not working as well. In this case you likely have a leak of transmission fluid that is impacting how your transmission operates.



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